...a quiet little company in Magnolia, Arkansas, began manufacturing the world’s finest picnic tables and benches using high-strength aluminum extrusions. Founder Charles Taylor had been an innovative leader in the aluminum industry for years.
    His vision began with the Southern Piknik® tables and bench line by utilizing stadium bleacher extrusions he innovated years earlier. In 1981, Southern Aluminum revolutionized the folding table industry by introducing the Alulite® lightweight folding banquet table. The lightweight table had the strength incorporated similar to stadium seating, and at the time, was the first and only true lightweight table offered in any market. Today, the tables are still up to 35% lighter than any conventional table.
    As one of many of Southern Aluminum's innovative products, Alulite® set the folding/banquet table industry ‘on its ear’. Subsequently, other companies began introducing “lightweight” tables using alternative materials (plastic, thin plywood, etc.), but none to date are as strong, lightweight, and durable as Southern Aluminum’s line of folding aluminum tables. Thanks to aluminum’s incredible high strength-to-weight ratio, it is possible to design multipurpose tables and furniture with exceptional stability, lightweight, and durable characteristics.
    Another game changing product category was created by utilizing the same lightweight/high strength aluminum qualities for upscale tables. Our iDesign Table™ targets conventional heavy tables and equipment used in hotel meeting spaces, conference center meeting rooms, and universities. Soon after the introduction of the iDesign Table™, the Alulite® portable staging was added to the product line.
    We can’t take credit for all of our recent product offerings. It is people like you, our customer and partner, that we listen to because you are the experts that know what you want or need in your professions. We take it from there by designing prototypes, continuous refinements, and finally, a new product that is a real solution! That’s how we came up with the extremely striking Swirl Tables® that will change any room from boring to dazzling.
    Because of Mr. Taylor’s business acumen and integrity, which is forever ingrained in our company culture, Southern Aluminum continues today being the first to introduce innovative and market changing designs; Southern Aluminum has the only Lifetime Warranty in our industry; and the instilled and inherent desire to always "walk-the-walk" in giving exceptional customer service.